4play Couples Mini Vibe Kit

4play Couples Mini Vibe Kit

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The 4 Play Mini Couples Kit is an all-inclusive set of items that will bring couples hours of sexual fun and enjoyment together. At the heart of this kit is the multi speed vibrator. This vibrator has a polished, chrome finish which is sleek and smooth. The powerful vibrations feel fantastic against the skin, particularly the erogenous zones and clitoris externally, or when used to penetrate the vagina. As well as the vibrator, there are sleeves included that can be attached to the vibrator via the flexible grip ring before use to offer some different methods of stimulation. There is a soft, silicone vibrator sleeve with a clitoral stimulator which gives women dual pleasure for maximum sensation. There is also an anal plug sleeve so that the vibrator can be used in the anal area, opening up the use of this vibrator to both men and women who wish to indulge in the powerful stimulation it can provide. The nodule penis style sleeve can be used vaginally and offers powerful sexual stimulation for the woman. It can also be used externally for extra pleasure. There is a finger sleeve which fits over the finger and gives a non-vibrating pleasure. It can be used internally in the vagina or externally to stimulate the clitoris. This kit gives everything a couple could want for exciting new dimensions to their sexual foreplay. The vibrator requires batteries to operate, these are included with this kit.


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1 x Set of Couples Sex Toys