Flirting of Couple

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Cover all of the bedroom bases with the Flirting Couples Play Set and introduce some new thrilling items to rejuvinate playtime!

Contained within this set are 4 items which well help both you and your partner knock each others socks off each and every time you adventure into the wide world of X-rated fun!

A penis sleeve to help increase his length pairs well with the 3 included cock rings to make his performance that much stronger and more gratifying, whilst she can use the multi-speed bullet to tease her erogenous zones and the beads to tease her hiney! Don't just take these recommendations though, use the items how you and your partner enjoy, that's what really matters!

This kit brings couples closer and helps intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom. It is perfect for both beginners, and experts alike and will be greatly appreciated by all partners in a relationship!