Kink - Male Chastity Cage 6

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Chastity cages have a number of purposes and this one is sure to serve any desires well. The metal construction ensures a sturdy grip is held around the member, preventing an erection from growing while weighing down the penis fore extra sensation. Both pleasureable yet painful, this chastity cage shows you mean business.

The use of a chastity cage has a variety of benefits, with the main one being an element of control being enforced in the bedroom. As one lover holds the key to pleasure, the other wears the chest with pride and reliquishes their orgasm control to the more dominant partner in the bedroom. This builds up tension, lust, intimacy and enthusiasm and once your lover can finally exploade, they'll be shaking with gleeful pleasure. P.S.: for the one in control, it's also really fun teasing your lover too!

This cage is made of metal and weighs 175 grams. It has a diameter of 50mm.