lust finger sleeve

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For heightened sexual stimulation, these Lust strokers are ideal for women to use during solo sexual activity. The Lust Stroker are a pack of two clitoral stimulators that have been specially designed to be worn over the fingertip during masturbation. Choose from either a pink ribbed style, or a purple nodule style. Both are included in this pack. Made from a flexible, jelly style material, these clitoral stimulators add welcome friction to the sensitive nerve endings in the clitoris, assisting in reaching a more satisfying and fulfilling orgasm. They are completely waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower for additional versatility. We recommend using a water based adult sex lubricant with them to aid their journey over the flesh and give a more satisfying sexual experience. The Lust Stroker can also be used as part of foreplay, with a partner using them on his or her fingertips and using them to directly stimulate the other partner’s clitoral area, or using them to achieve a heightened sensation over other erogenous zones of their choice. Small and discreet, these Lust Stroker are easy to store and pack away, as well as perfectly portable for trips away and pleasure on the go. Completely static and giving pleasure purely through friction stimulation they are completely silent and offer women and couples a new way to add excitement to their sex life. Remember to thoroughly clean the Lust Stroker after use with an anti-bacterial adult sex products cleaner (available separately).