Ovo L1 Loveballs

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Ideal for beginners, these silicone toner balls are easy to insert and remove and offer thrilling stimulation and a fantastic pelvic muscle workout.

The smooth silicone casing, complete with removal pull for peace of mind, contains 2 interchangeable pairs of balls, one heavier than the other. Each ball houses a smaller sphere that shivers and shimmies as you move, enhancing internal stimulation.

Wear the balls for as long as you feel comfortable. Your muscles automatically clench around the balls to hold them inside you, giving you a great workout. Wear them out and about - they'll be your little secret!

Ball measurements:
Starter- 34g
Diameter- 4inch

Key features:

Kegel balls, ideal for beginners
2 pairs of interchangable balls of different weights for progressive training
100% waterproof
Made from skin-safe silicone