Penis Enlarger Pneumatic Massager Red

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Discover the secret that the top adult film stars use to get them ready before they make an appearance on camera, making their cock look and feel extra thick and hard. Like a body builder that pumps up with weights before a competition, you can pump up your erection before your performance with the Penis Enlarger Pneumatic Massager, working out your cock for maximum, pumped up effects. And though pumping up for sex will produce temporary results that will have your lover bragging to all their friends, using it on a regular basis, like going to the gym for regular workouts, will have your cock looming large with permanent results for both flaccid and erect forms.

So simple to use that you won't need the advice of a personal trainer to get it right. Slip your penis inside the black donut sleeve at the end as far as you can go then squeeze on the medical style bulb pump. It draws air out of the cylinder, creating a vacuum effect that helps draw blood into the erectile tissue. With a quick release valve at the base of the pump you can let the air back in and release the pressure at any point. It makes it easy to pump up the pressure then release it and immediately build it back up, sort of like repeated reps when you work out with weights.

And with the clear red cylinder you'll be able to see every bit of the action, because what guy doesn't love to look at his cock getting huge? A strong vacuum seal is created with the black donut sleeve at the base pressed tightly against the body and keeps the pump feeling soft and cushiony against the body so that every rep and each pump is a sensually stimulating experience. Once you've achieved the full size you want, release the pressure and show off that big cock; adding a cock ring will help keep your erection at its full glory for as long as possible.

The cylinder is a durable plastic that will take each hard pump while ball pump and sleeve are a soft and supply latex. Both materials can be used with any water or silicone-based lubricant and it will make the experience more comfortable by reducing friction.

Length: 20.3 cm
Width: 3.5 cm
Material: Latex/Plastic