Under the Bed Restraint System

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Sexual pleasure should never be one-sided; SPORTSHEETS is here to make sure of it.

Since 1993, SPORTSHEETS has empowered couples to explore the depths of their passion in the bedroom and beyond with a radical twist - that all parties feel sensual and safe no matter what role they play.

Our diverse line spans over 350 pleasure-enhancing products that encourage adults to explore anything from intimate sexuality to adult fantasies. We use body-safe materials only, and design every toy to be easy to use (and to remove) so erotic games don't get out of hand, because boundaries should only be tested when both partners feel comfortable discovering new sides of themselves and their relationship.

The easy-to-use Under the Bed Restraint System is perfect for everyone from curious newcomers to experienced aficionados of adult toys. 4 adjustable cuffs comfortably secure to a central connector strap that tucks under your mattress with no hooks or complicated set-up. This sex slave kit restrains your partner's arms and legs from the bottom or sides of the bed for a titillating experience sure you have you both calling out for more.

Product features:
*4 adjustable wrist / ankle cuffs fit 4-12 inch wrists
*4 60 inch straps for cuffs
*1 60 inch Connector Strap

Whether you're new to adult toys or a veteran, the SPORTSHEETS team's mission remains the same: empowering people to fully explore their sexuality while keeping partners connected - literally and figuratively.

Discover a new side to your love life and prepare to delight with the Under the Bed Restraint System today!